Software for School

As you all know that nowadays all schools manage their school or bring new ways of teaching children, they are an important part of the software, they use a lot of software in it like for the library, For language and for regular activities. Today we will talk about the software that we provide:

Language Lab

First of all, we will know about the language lab which is found in almost every school and it is necessary for every school, in this, you can learn any language in a very easy way, Hindi English can be installed in it, you can install unique language in it. You are told about the language from zero level to advanced level, you are taught this is the easiest way to learn any language.

School Management Software

In school management software, you get to know about your children and also about the activities happening in the school, how to pay fees in school management software now, what the children’s report, what the teachers taught, reports about the upcoming events. For some time to know, school management software is very beneficial for you, which is available for the parents and the school.

Library Management Software

Library management software is used to keep a record of the library books of the school. In this software, you can update all the books of your library and can also update which books are taken on which day, which child has taken which book summit You have been made through your whole.

Legal System Software

The legal system software is used in schools in which Microsoft Windows is provided, which is necessary for every CBSE school.

Language lab

Library management software
Legal application software for AICTE
School management ERP software
College management software
Online e-learning software for school
Biometric attendance software for school college
Microsoft operating system
Win 10 pro
CorelDRAW Graphics Suite 2019 lifetime non-commercial license
Adobe Photoshop/Illustrator CS6
Adobe Creative Cloud